Administrative Judges

The following Judicial Assignments are effective January 2, 2017 through December 31, 2017
  • Chief Judge
    Honorable Charles E. Williams
  • Acting Chief Judge (Absence of Chief Judge)
    Honorable Charles E. Roberts
  • DeSoto County Administrative Judge
    Honorable Kimberly C. Bonner
  • Manatee County Administrative Judge
    Honorable Deno G. Economou
  • Sarasota County Administrative Judge
    Honorable Debra Johnes Riva
  • Sarasota South County Administrative Judge
    Honorable Don T. Hall
Circuit Court Administrative Judges
  • Civil Division - Sarasota
    Honorable Frederick P. Mercurio
  • Civil Division - Manatee
    Honorable Gilbert Smith, Jr.
  • Unified Family Court (Desoto, Manatee and Sarasota counties - has operational authority to implement UFC policy and procedures circuit wide)
    Honorable Donna Padar Berlin
  • Criminal Division - Sarasota
    Honorable Charles E. Roberts
  • Criminal Division - Manatee
    Honorable Brian Iten
  • Probate/Guardianship
    Honorable Charles E. Williams
  • Family Division - Sarasota
    Honorable Donna Padar Berlin
  • Family Division - Manatee
    Honorable Diana L. Moreland
County Court Administrative Judges
  • DeSoto County
    Honorable Danielle L. Brewer
  • Manatee County
    Honorable Robert A. Farrance
  • Sarasota County
    Honorable David L. Denkin