Florida Injunction for Protection Videos

An Overview
This video focuses on the needs of parties considering a petition for protection. It is hoped that the video will assist petitioners (as well as respondents) in understanding Florida’s four orders of protection and the requirements for filing a petition.
The Hearing
This video was designed as an orientation to civil domestic violence court which provides important information about court room procedures, a description of the participants in the hearing, and answers many of the questions litigants might have about what will happen when they come to court.

Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center


24 HOUR HOTLINE: (941) 365-1976

SPARCC’s mission is to provide services to victims of domestic and sexual violence, and to promote a violence free community through awareness and education. SPARCC serves both Sarasota and DeSoto counties. Office locations include Sarasota, Venice, and Arcadia.

SPARCC’s services include:

  • 24 hour hotline (941-365-1976)
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Safety Planning
  • Crisis Intervention Counseling
  • Advocacy/Accompaniment
  • Information and Referrals
  • Assessment of Children Who Witness Abuse
  • Support Groups Community
  • Education and Professional Training
  • System Coordination
  • Case Management

State and County Agencies

Victims of violence may also contact their local Law Enforcement or Victim/Witness Program for assistance

Local Law Enforcement Agencies

If you are interested in filing charges, or to follow up on a previous report, please contact the agency where the crime occurred.

  • Longboat Key Police Department
    (941) 316-1977
  • New College Police Department
    (941) 487-4210
  • North Port Police Department
    (941) 429-7300
  • Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office
    (941) 861-5800
  • Sarasota Police Department
    (941) 366-8000
  • Venice Police Department
    (941) 486-2444
  • Sarasota County Sheriff’s Victim Assistance Program
    (941) 861-4942
  • Sarasota Police Department Victim Advocate Program
    (941) 954-7021

Important Resources

  • Coastal Behavioral Healthcare
    (941) 952-1147
  • Family Emergency Treatment Center
    (941) 952-1147
  • Manatee Glens
    (941) 782-4299
  • Child Protection Center, Inc.
    (941) 365-1277
  • Children and Families Supervised Visitation Program
    (941) 492-6491
  • Citizen’s Dispute Program
    (941) 861-7833
  • Domestic Violence Legal Hotline
    1-800-500-1119, ext. 3
  • Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service
  • Florida Victim Information & Notification Service
  • Gulf Coast Legal Services, Inc.
    (941) 366-1746
  • Legal Aid of Manasota, Inc.
    (941) 366-0038
  • Office of the State Attorney
    (941) 951-5400
  • Sarasota Clerk of the Court
    (941) 861-7400
  • United Way 211 of Manasota
    (941) 308-HELP (4357)