IV-D Child Support Respondent's Packet

This is a packet of various forms that may be used to file a simple motion OR an Answer to a Petition.

The Respondent's Packet contains the following:

Approved Child Support Forms and Instructions

A. Procedural Forms Required in Every Child Support Enforcement Case

Case Management is NOT provided for Child Support Enforcement cases involving the Department of Revenue. It is YOUR responsibility to determine if these forms have already been filed in your case, or if you need to file or update these forms in your case.

B. General Instructions for Motions and Respondent's Motion (Read this carefully prior to filing a motion!)

C. Procedural Forms Requesting Assistance

The Form C is available to request hearing time for your motion in Child Support cases involving the Department of Revenue. Read the instructions carefully! You must file a separate form with the Clerk of Court each time you request hearing time.

  • Form C - Self-Help Referral Form for Open Child Support Case involving Child Support Enforcement (the Department of Revenue)

Other Common Motions and Petitions

A. Various Motions to Request Action by the Court

You may use the general motion found in the Respondent's Packet or on the webpage titled Approved Forms and Instructions, or you may find that the subject matter of your request is addressed in one of the common motions listed below.  Each form has instructions indicating the proper use for each form. Read and follow the instructions carefully!  Upon filing your motion or pleading you must file a Form C to obtain hearing time.

Motions should not be used to modify a child support amount set in a final judgement. See if the Supplemental Petition to Modify Child Support  in Section B below meets your needs.

Note: Respondents who wish to file any motion in a case that DOES NOT involve Child Support Enforcement (Department of Revenue), see the forms found in the Self-Help Forms Book. Please do not use the following forms.

B. Petitions and Supporting Documents

Below are two common petitions filed by Respondents in Child Support Enforcement matters.  Be sure to file the appropriate supporting documents as indicated in the instructions of each petition, and make sure you properly serve all legal paperwork on the appropriate parties. 

C. Answers and Supporting Documents

You must file a response called an "Answer" within 20 days after being served with legal papers and a summons. The Answers and supporting documents for the most common Family Division proceedings can be obtained on the Florida Courts website at  www.flcourts.gov.