The Custody and Visitation Guidelines Committee of the Family Law Advisory Group has revised the Twelfth Judicial Circuit's Shared Parental Contact Guidelines.  The new documents are titled “Parenting Plans.”  The document, Instructions and Assessments for Your Parenting Plan, was developed to assist parents in making the best choice as to what parenting plan is most suitable for their families. There are four choices of parenting plans created by the 12th Judicial Circuit: a Basic Plan, a Long Distance Plan, a Highly Structured Plan, and a Safety Focused Plan. 

With an eye towards providing the best product, comments were sought from the public, legal community, and any other professionals.  The plans, their instructions, and the assessment are in their final form and have been approved by the Chief Judge for use in the 12th Judicial Circuit. The plans are Circuit Approved Forms, and their use is governed by Administrative Order 2013-16.12. Thank you to everyone who participated in the development of these plans.

Basic Parenting Plan

Long Distance Parenting Plan

Safety Focused Parenting Plan

Highly Structured Parenting Plan