Forms & Information for Representing Yourself in Family Court

These packets have been designed to provide forms and instructions approved by the Florida Supreme Court and the 12th Judicial Circuit to individuals who have chosen to represent themselves. These packet contain most, but possibly not all of the forms and instructions you may need to represent yourself. You may find all Supreme Court approved forms on the Internet at, or at your local law library. If you do not understand the forms or your legal rights or obligations, you should consult with an attorney. It is your responsibility to read each packets cover sheet, all instructions, and understand the entire packet you choose before proceeding further.

After you have read and understand the instructions, and after you have filed the appropriate forms, you may contact the Family Division Self-Help Office by filing a Family FORM A to obtain a court date. Use of these forms does not constitute representation by courthouse personnel. Courthouse personnel cannot give you legal advice nor can they help you complete these forms. The forms contained in this packet and the instructions provided are simplified to meet the general needs of the majority of pro se litigants. This packet may not have the forms necessary for every case, and this information booklet may not address every party’s particular situation. The directions given are only basic guidance for completing the forms. They are not explanations of all rights and duties associated with family law practice.

What is Pre-Filing Family Mediation?

The Pre-filing Family Mediation Program is a division of the Citizen Dispute Settlement Program. Pre-Filing Family Mediation is an opportunity to work out a family matter before a court case is filed, and it is at no cost to the parties. To be eligible for the program, neither party may have previously filed any family division court case involving the same parties or children. The most common issues in pre-filing family mediations include parental responsibility, parenting plans, child support, and distribution of assets and debts. For more information, please visit the Citizen Dispute Settlement Program's page

To participate in Pre-Filing Family Mediation, submit your dispute.