Request for Blood Screening due to Significant Exposure

These forms are to be used when a qualified member of the criminal justice system acting within the scope of employment is exposed to bodily fluids, and the source individual will not voluntarily submit to screening for sexually transmissible diseases.

The court will now accept ex-parte Motions to Compel Blood Test Screening for certain diseases transmitted through a significant exposure for a communicable transmissible disease through the court’s online eWarrants program. The ex-parte motion must be submitted by an attorney for a criminal justice system member, as defined by F.S. 384.287. Separate forms are available for both juveniles and adults.

You must submit an ex-parte motion, a sworn affidavit, and both an order granting the motion and an order denying the motion.

Download Forms


The motion must be filed by an attorney for a criminal justice system member. Download the appropriate Word document for an adult or juvenile. Fill in the required text fields on the motion, affidavit and proposed orders. Save the document as a PDF, then:

  • upload it to the circuit's eWarrants portal;
  • select "CBS Adult" or "CBS Juvenile"; and
  • select the judge based on the defendant's last name.