Treatment Court has several reasons to celebrate

Graduates of Manatee County’s Treatment Court programs addressed the Board of County Commissioners on May 14th, after the Board proclaimed the month of May as National Drug Court Month. Court leaders and Treatment Court staff had another reason to celebrate. Read more to find out why.

Three photos are shown: two photos of a judge talking to a defendant and one photo is a balanced scale. The words on the image read: "Proble-Solving Court Month and Opioid & Stimulant Use Disorder Awareness Month"

May means Opioid Awareness Month in Florida's Courts

In a proclamation issued April 30, 2024, Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Carlos Muñiz proclaimed that in the State Courts System, May 2024 shall be a month to recognize the contributions of problem-solving courts and Opioid and Stimulant Use Disorder Awareness Month.

Circuit Judge Lon Arend

Judge Lon Arend takes problem-solving court to the people

Circuit Judge Lon Arend, administrative judge for the Problem Solving Court Division P, presides over Drug Court and Veterans Court in Manatee and Sarasota counties. When program leaders learned participants who reside in south Sarasota County were having trouble attending court, Judge Arend took the court to the people.

Judges bring valuable civics lessons to life

Twelfth Circuit judges have been providing a personal experience to local students and bringing valuable civics lessons to life, while engaging with them in the classroom and in the courtroom. Between January and February of this year, members of the judiciary have had an opportunity to explain the judicial system to more than 250 students of assorted ages, plus a handful of adult chaperones.

Beware of jury duty scams

Citizens throughout Florida, and most recently in Sarasota County, have reported jury duty scams in which an imposter identifies themselves as law enforcement and contacts residents -- often by telephone -- and claiming they have a warrant for missed jury duty and must pay a bond. If you get a call about jury service, it is a scam.