The High Conflict Guardian ad Litem Attorney Program uses specially trained attorneys in high conflict family law matters. If a party wishes to use the services of a High Conflict Guardian ad Litem Attorney, both parties should complete the Legal Aid Application. Eligibility is based on income and is determined by Legal Aid of Manasota.

The Initial Process

  • Motion filed to Appoint a Family Law Guardian Ad Litem.
  • Once Motion is granted, both parents fill out a Legal Aid application
  • Email completed Legal Aid applications to Legal Aid staff
  • Pro se litigants may drop off application to Legal Aid or call 941-366-0038 for directions
  • Legal Aid of Manasota determines eligibility
Download Form

Before filling in any information, please save the form to your computer. Failure to do so will cause the form to lose the information.

12th Circuit Family Division Guardian Ad Litem Program