Notice to the Public

The Code of Judicial Conduct governing behavior by Judges forbids the Judges of the Twelfth Judicial Circuit to discuss pending cases with the public. Please do not call the Court expecting to speak with a Judge about any case. The Court is only allowed to consider arguments made in the courtroom and in documents properly filed by actual parties in the case as authorized by law and the Rules of Court. The Court cannot ethically read or consider any other opinions or arguments about the case. Communications that do not meet these legal requirements cannot be forwarded to the Judges.



Desoto County

DeMedio, Gloria - Child Support Hearing Officer
Bell, Kimberly
Courtroom - I
P: (941) 861-3027
DeSoto County Courthouse

Manatee County

Caskey, David - Family Law Magistrate
Hightower, Kelley
Courtroom - HR 2
P: (941) 749-3650
F: (941) 749-3690
Manatee County Judicial Center
Denton, Charles - Child Support Hearing Officer
Grund, Debbie
Courtroom - HR 3
P: (941) 749-3646
F: (941) 749-3688
Manatee County Judicial Center
Hudson, Paul - Family Law Magistrate
Cabrera, Nicole
P: (941) 749-3648
F: (941) 749-3689
Manatee County Judicial Center

Sarasota County

Bailey, Deborah - Civil Magistrate
Martin, Donna
P: (941) 861-4866
F: (941) 861-4865
Sarasota County Justice Center
DeMedio, Gloria - Family Law Magistrate
Bell, Kimberly
Courtroom - I
P: (941) 861-3027
R.L. Anderson Administration Building
Hale, Laura M. - Child Support Hearing Officer
Castil, Michelle
P: (941) 861-4871
F: (941) 861-4873
Sarasota County Justice Center
Hunt, Rebecca L. - Family Law Magistrate
Johnson, Kristi
P: (941) 861-4872
F: (941) 861-4873
Sarasota County Justice Center
Wilson, Ed - Marchman Act and Baker Act
Wilson, Ed
P: (941) 861-7891
Judge Lynn N. Silvertooth Judicial Center