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The right to trial by jury is one of the principles guaranteed by the Constitution. It is the duty of every citizen to serve when called to do so.

Juror Information

Find juror information and additional details specific to the county in which you live:

Protect Against Jury Duty Scams!

The Florida Attorney General’s Office has published a brochure, “Scams at a Glance: Sham or Summons,” to help citizens identify instances of jury duty scams. Some highlights from the brochure:

Why is this important?

Reports of jury duty scams are increasing, with many originating from Florida, and leading to victims losing thousands of dollars; a Miami man lost more than $4,500.

How a Jury Duty Scam Works

Scammers impersonate court officials or law enforcement officers and contact targets by phone, email or text claiming they missed jury duty. The scammers may demand urgent action or payment, threatening jail time if refused.

Tips to Stay Protected

  • Courts always send jury summons through the mail. Payment will never be demanded over the phone and fines are only imposed after an individual appears in court to explain a failure to attend.
  • Ask for the caller’s name, title and contact information then hang up. Search for the agency’s official phone number and contact the court directly.
  • Never provide personal or financial information over the phone, via email or text to solicitors.
  • Legitimate court officials will not threaten you with arrest or demand immediate payment over the phone for missing jury duty.
  • Payments will never be requested in the form of gift cards, money transfer apps or cryptocurrency.

What Should You Do if Targeted by a Scammer?

  1. Hang up immediately. Do not engage with the caller or provide any personal information.
  2. Report the scam to the local Clerk’s Office:
  3. If fallen victim, contact your local law enforcement agency and financial institution.
 Court officers will never ask for payment, a credit card or social security number for failure to appear for jury duty. Report suspicious activity immediately to your local law enforcement agency.
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Parking Directions

DeSoto County: Parking is in the lot on the North side of the Courthouse between Oak Street and State Road 70.

Manatee County: Your “Juror Parking Permit” is attached to your jury summons. Place it on the dashboard of your car when you park. You may use the City of Bradenton Parking Garage at 615 12th (Main) Street West. Park in any space on the first or second level not marked "Reserved" and before you reach the gate restricting access to the third floor. Additional parking is available at 1150 3rd Ave West, using the entrance on 10th St West (next to Bradenton Police Department). Do not park on the first floor.

Sarasota, North County: Park in the County parking garage located on the corner of Ringling Boulevard and School Avenue. Entrance faces School Avenue.

Sarasota, South County: Park in the lot in front of the Courthouse.

Jury Counseling

The experts and facilities listed below have agreed to meet with jurors for a one-time, free counseling session:

Wendy Jacobs, JD, Ph.D., PA, Licensed Psychologist
Sarasota, FL 34276
James M. McGovern, PsyD., PLLC, ABPP, Board Certified in Clinical Neuropsychology
1023 Manatee Ave. W., Suite 302
Bradenton, FL 34205
Eddy Regnier, M.S.W., M.A., Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist
Assessment & Psychotherapy Services, Inc.
2155 Main St.
Sarasota, FL 34237
Karim Z. Yamout, PsyD, ABPP-CN, Board Certified in Clinical Neuropsychology
Carter Psychology Center
4835 27th St. W., Suite 125
Bradenton, FL 34207
Coastal Behavioral Healthcare Inc.
Access Center
Amanda Merkel
1451 10th St.
Sarasota, FL 34236
Email Amanda Merkel
Walk-ins: 8 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday-Friday
Centerstone of Florida
Walk In Center
371 Sixth Ave. W.
Bradenton, FL 34205


Please enjoy these brief and informative videos about jury service from the National Center for State Courts: “Answering the Call for Jury Service” and “Jurors, the Internet & Social Media.”