Problem-Solving Court and Criminal Division “P”

The Twelfth Judicial Circuit is a leader in the state in providing “therapeutic justice,” creating and implementing problem-solving courts that use multidisciplinary teams and case management to address the root causes of people becoming involved in the criminal justice system: diseases of addiction, mental illness, and co-occurring disorders.

Judges and court leaders have witnessed reduced numbers of reoffenses and increased confidence and satisfaction with the court process in programs that combine treatment and rehabilitation with judicial supervision and accountability.

Administrative Order 2020-19.3 combines all treatment courts under one super-division we're calling Problem-Solving Court and Criminal Administrative Division “P.”

Having one judge oversee the division allows the circuit to create uniform procedures and oversight between all problem-solving courts as they relate to criminal matters, and maintain open communication with partner agencies and community leaders to improve the processes and treatment programs for the clients and help them achieve maximum success.

Division P Documents

Judge Lon Arend

Scheduling Hearings

  • Case Management CourtDeSoto DeSoto’s Case Management Court includes principles and methods associated with Florida’s existing problem-solving courts to provide treatment to those that would most benefit, while also conserving and most efficiently utilizing the court’s limited resources by placing these Courts under one umbrella.
  • Community Care CourtSarasota Community Care Court seeks to engage chronic homeless persons and provide them with services and opportunities to change and improve their life-style. This court uses multidisciplinary teams and coordination among the criminal justice system, health and social services, education systems and community.
  • Drug CourtManatee & Sarasota Drug Court seeks to reduce drug abuse and related criminal behavior, improve work and social functioning, and reduce the spread of substance abuse related disease. Drug Court may also relieve court backlogs and the crowding of jails with addicts, making room for more serious and violent crimes.
  • DUI CourtSarasota This specialized court is unique as only four other such courts exist in Florida. The mission of DUI Court is to reduce the number of repeat DUI offenders by providing alternative, community-based treatment, judicial accountability and case management, thereby increasing offender productivity and public safety.
  • Mental Health CourtSarasota Mental Health Court has three different programs under one umbrella: Health Care Court, Misdemeanor Comprehensive Treatment Court and Felony Comprehensive Treatment Court. All three programs process criminal defendants by providing judicial accountability and individualized mental health treatment services.
  • Treatment CourtsManatee Four different programs fall under the Treament Courts umbrella: Comprehensive Treatment Court (CTC) - Manatee, Drug Court, Health Care Court - Manatee, and Veterans Treatment Court. All four court programs process criminal defendants by providing judicial accountability and individualized treatment plans, urinalysis and case management services.
  • Turn Your Life Around Court (TYLA)Manatee & Sarasota The TYLA Court's mission is to help persons arrested for prostitution-related charges escape the sex trade industry by providing them with resources that address their root issues using trauma therapy, drug and alcohol treatment, and other rehabilitative services in lieu of jail or prison. Participation can lead to the dismissal of charges.
  • Veterans Treatment CourtManatee & Sarasota Veterans Treatment Court provides judicial supervision while giving veterans a chance to receive treatment for issues that are specific to the veteran population. The program seeks to help veterans successfully navigate the criminal justice system while connecting them to support services and restore veterans to their rightful place in society.