New county judge not discouraged by pandemic challenges

Manatee County Court Judge Jacqueline Steele knew in the 10th grade that she wanted to work in the legal field. After taking a Gregg shorthand class in high school, Steele said she became interested in court reporting and delighted in the idea of being the keeper of the record.

Senior Judge Lee Haworth 'honored' by William E. Gladstone award

Senior Judge Lee E. Haworth received the William E. Gladstone award during a Zoom presentation on December 11, 2020. The award is a prestigious one in the child welfare community, named after the circuit judge in South Florida who left an indelible mark on the way Florida Courts deliver justice in cases involving children.

Florida Supreme Court warns of email scam

The Florida Supreme Court has issued a warning to the public about another email scam using fraudulent Florida court documents. The email scams appear to come from locations in Florida but may target people elsewhere in the United States or internationally.

Veterans Amnesty Court moves mountains

The men and women arrived by the vanload, accompanied by family or friends, some with nothing more than a backpack filled with their worldly possessions. Besides being fellow veterans, they shared a common mission – the need to remove an obstacle. The obstacles for some are minor inconveniences and easily remedied, but for others, these particular obstacles might as well be mountains.