Sarasota County Civil Division C & D

Requirements and Information

April 26, 2023

TBD, Sarasota County Judge

Requirements & Information

Local Rules & Standards of Professionalism

All litigants must follow the Local Rules and the Twelfth Circuit Standards of Professionalism.

Court Calendars

Find links to monthly Calendars for Civil Divisions C and D on the Civil Division page on the court’s website.

Zoom Hearings

The Zoom credentials are Meeting ID 959 9022 9951 and Password 745947. Please seek prior Court approval to conduct an evidentiary hearing via Zoom. Non-evidentiary matters may be scheduled via Zoom without leave of Court. The Notice of Hearing for a Zoom event must include the correct credentials.

Telephonic Hearings

Telephonic hearings may be scheduled with prior Court approval. The Notice of Hearing must provide the correct telephone number and instructions for the parties to call the Court at the scheduled time.

Scheduling Hearings

Please contact the Judicial Assistant to secure hearing time. Motions must be filed before hearing time will be given out for the motion. The scheduling party should use best efforts to coordinate with all parties. Please include the duration of the hearing and the docket item number [DIN #] of the motion to be heard on the Notice of Hearing.

Case Law

All case law should be submitted no less than two (2) business days prior to the scheduled hearing.

Emergency Hearings

Emergency motions should be filed with the Clerk and a courtesy copy given to the Court. The Judge will review the motion to determine if an expedited hearing is necessary.


All Motions for Rehearing, Reconsideration or New Trial should be filed with the Clerk and a courtesy copy given to the Court. The Judge will review the motion to determine if a hearing is necessary.


To avoid a hearing for a motion to withdraw, an attorney may obtain the client’s consent in writing to the withdraw and submit the stipulation and proposed order to the Court.

Proposed Orders

Proposed orders may be submitted through the Clerk’s electronic portal, via email or U.S. mail. The Judicial Assistant will return the executed order in the way it was received. It is the litigants’ responsibility to provide pre-addressed, stamped envelopes for service by U.S. mail.

Civil Cases

Small Claims

All parties are required to appear in person for Small Claims Pretrial Conferences (PTC) and attend mediation. Failure to appear after proper notice may result in the entry of a default judgment or dismissal of the case. Requests to continue the PTC must be in writing with a courtesy copy to the Court. Motions to continue should be filed with the Clerk no less than two (2) business days before the PTC to allow time for approval and removal ofthe case from the docket. Parties may agree in advance to cancel the PTC and go straight to mediation by submitting the Stipulation for Small Claims Mediation form found in the Judge’s Forms & Requirements page, no less than two (2) days before the PTC. All parties must attend mediation before a trial may be scheduled.

PIP Cases: For information regarding counsel’s attendance at PIP Pretrial Conference, please refer to Administrative Orders 2012-18.1 and 2021-17.1.

Evictions: Plaintiffs may submit to the Court a proposed Final Judgment for Possession after entry of a default. It is the responsibility of the Plaintiff to schedule the final hearing when the case is at issue.

LOPs: The Court will call all lack of prosecution dockets via Zoom, unless otherwise noticed for in person.

Traffic: Civil traffic citations first will be set for a status conference via Zoom, at which contested hearings may be scheduled for a later date. Parties may request to have the contested hearing via Zoom or in person.

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