Rules, Instructions for Specially-Set Evidentiary Hearings

Using the Zoom Platform

Specially Set Evidentiary Hearings are hearings on Magistrate Floyd’s docket that are set outside of the “Regular IV-D Docket” (which are generally held Tuesday through Thursday every week). The Specially Set Hearings could be either Department of Revenue (DOR) or non-DOR involved cases.

  1. All hearings in front of Magistrate Floyd will be conducted in person as of 3/1/2022, unless prior approval to appear by zoom has been obtained from the Court. A Motion and proposed Order, with email addresses for both parties or sufficient copies and envelopes for conforming should be submitted as soon as the need for a Zoom appearance arises, but no less than 5 days prior to the date of the hearing. Please submit to Child Support Hearing Officer - Manatee County.
  2. No later than 48 hours prior to the hearing, each party must provide to the Court and opposing side copies of any documents or case law to be used or referred to during the hearing or offered into evidence. No additional documents or exhibits may be emailed to the Magistrate during the hearing.
  3. Any exhibits shall be pre-marked because there will be no clerk present.
  4. All documents shall be submitted as a PDF file via email to the Magistrate’s Office with your case number and date of hearing in the subject line.
  5. In the email, each exhibit shall be attached as a separate PDF document.
  6. All confidential information shall be redacted by the individual submitting the proposed exhibit (including, but not limited to, information such as account numbers, SSN, dates of birth, etc.).
Please note
  • Magistrate Floyd will be the host of the Zoom proceeding.
  • All hearings will be digitally recorded.
  • Problems or Questions? If you should have any questions or need assistance, you may email the Magistrate's Assistant or call our office at (941) 749-3646.
  • For connection issues DURING YOUR HEARING TIME, please EMAIL the Court immediately.
  • For general instructions and information, please see Magistrate Floyd’s Zoom page.