Sarasota County Criminal Division C & D

Requirements and Information

August 2022

David L. Denkin, Sarasota County Judge

Jackie, Judicial Assistant

Requirements & Information

zoom meeting credentials: Meeting ID is 915 6758 0140; Passcode is 684962.

Motions for Rehearing, Reconsideration, or New Trial

Motion must first be filed and immediately sent to the Court. The Court will review the motion and determine if a hearing is warranted.

Appearance in Court

  • Criminal Pretrial and Criminal Docket Sounding are both held on Zoom and in person.
  • Arraignments, DUI Court pleas, Criminal VOPs, Criminal Trial Status and Evidentiary Hearings will be held in person.
  • Pleas in absentia and criminal motions (non-evidentiary) will be held on Zoom.
  • Plea in absentia forms must be submitted prior to plea with fingerprints (if charge requires fingerprints).
  • Animal hearings will be held on Zoom.

Motions re: Speedy Trial Issues and Notice of Expiration of Speedy Trial

When filing Motions for Speedy Trial or Notice of Expiration of Speedy Trial with the Clerk, Defense shall forward courtesy copies to Judges Chambers via email or fax and to the appropriate ASA by the end of that same work day.

Motion to Suppress

Shall be filed and heard prior to the trial status date, unless opportunity therefore did not exist, or the Defendant was not aware of the grounds for the motion.

Motions/Order for Release of Uncharged Defendant(s)

  1. Defense shall forward to Judge’s chambers and the appropriate ASA, a copy of his or her motion and proposed order.
  2. The JA will call and email the Defense and ASA to confirm receipt of the date/time stamped motion.
  3. If the ASA files charges by 5:00 p.m. the same date the Defense motion is filed, he/she shall provide a copy to both the Judge and Defense attorney. At that time, the Court will write on the proposed order: “Denied, Information filed” and said Order is to be filed with the Clerk. This will end all action on this particular matter.
  4. If the ASA notifies the Judge and Defense that he/she has no objections to the Defendant’s immediate release, the JA will contact the Defense attorney to pick up an Order. The ASA’s notification shall be on a copy of the original Defense motion and contain the words: “I have no objection to this Defendant’s immediate release” followed by his/her signature. The Defense attorney shall be in charge of providing the Order to the appropriate parties to secure the Defendant’s release.
  5. If the ASA does not respond by 5 p.m., on the date the Defense motion is filed, the motion shall be placed for hearing at the very next available hearing date or within 72 hours. The Defense attorney shall prepare the Notice of Hearing.

Emergency Hearings

All motions requesting emergency hearing time should be faxed, emailed to the Judicial Assistant or delivered directly to the Judge’s office. The motion should detail the circumstances of the emergency. The court will review the motion and determine if an expedited hearing is warranted.

Criminal Motions

Must be set through the judicial assistant. hearings may only be scheduled after the motion has been fileD. A copy of the notice of hearing should be emailed to the Judicial Assistant.

Pleas in Absentia

Paperwork will need to be prepared as normal, notarized, and fingerprints (if required) will need to be submitted. Plea in absentia paperwork will then be e-filed and emailed to the court prior to the plea. The Defense attorney is to schedule the plea time with the Court and do a Notice of Hearing indicating the format the plea will be done (i.e. plea in absentia.) The Defense attorney can schedule pleas in absentia, via zoom and court will provide log in info. Clients will be ordered to report to probation in person (if local) within an allotted time or check in by phone if not local. Defense attorneys are required to let probation know and provide probation intake form to probation department immediately after plea.

Pleas by “Zoom”

Client and attorney will do plea form as normal and be submitted prior to the plea to the court and e-filed. If plea is a DETER, DETER paperwork will be sent to the State Attorney’s Office ahead of time and DETER contract will be e-filed ahead of time. The Defense attorney will schedule plea time with the Court. The Notice of Hearing is to be completed indicating the format the plea will be done (via zoom) and court will provide log in information for plea. At time of plea the judge will do the plea colloquy as normal.

DUI Court Pleas

DUI Court pleas will be held in person as an open plea to the Court.

Criminal Docket Sounding

Defendant’s appearance is mandatory with private and public defender representation, unless a motion signed by all parties (including Defendant) with reasons for request and Order granting request by the Court has been filed.

Criminal Pretrial Conference

Defendant’s appearance is mandatory with private and public defender representation, unless Ordered by the Court and a Stipulation & Order for Continuance and/or Waiver of Appearance signed by Defendant and filed with the Clerk. Pending motions may be filed at this time, but will be heard at a later scheduled date. Please see Judge Denkin's Pretrial Conference Request Form.

Cancelling Hearings

A Notice of Cancellation should be provided to the Judicial Assistant by email.

Substitution of Counsel

Both Attorneys must sign the stipulation as well as the client to signify his/her consent to the substitution.

Presentation Cart Disclaimer

The Twelfth Circuit Court (Court) is providing attorneys the use of evidence presentation carts without charge as a courtesy to the legal profession. Use of these carts will be on a first come first serve basis and requires a minimum of 48 hours notice to Court staff. The Court will make every effort to ensure the presentation equipment is working properly, however the Court does not guarantee the compatibility nor reliability of the equipment. The Court is not responsible for the user's own negligence in operation of the equipment. The user agrees to hold the Court harmless for any failure of the equipment and any and all claims, damages, actions, causes of action, suits in equity whatever kind or nature as a result of the use of the equipment. The Court advises the users of this equipment that the Court will not be responsible for any delays caused by the failure of the equipment. Users of the presentation equipment should have back-up material and/or equipment suitable for use in the courtroom in the event of equipment failure.

Zoom Hearings

For hearings held by Zoom, view the meeting ID and passcode on Judge Denkin's Zoom Video Conference information webpage. If you have questions or concerns about using Zoom, please contact the Judicial Assistant at (941) 861‑7895 or by email.

Zoom by Video

  1. Download the free Zoom App. On your smartphone or computer PRIOR to your hearing.
  2. On the date and time of your hearing, select “Join a Meeting” and then enter your Meeting ID and Password to access the meeting. Once you connect, you may be placed in a “waiting room” until your hearing begins.
  3. If either Plaintiff or Defendant does not have access to a camera on their phone or a computer, either party is to come to the Sarasota Courthouse to use the Zoom application at the kiosk on the 8th floor.

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