Circuit Judge Charles Williams
Circuit Judge Charles Williams reads to Gocio Elementary students on Bucket Fillers Reading Day on November 15. Embracing our Differences, the event's sponsor, also gifted the students copies of the book to encourage life-long bucket filling.

Judge Williams's volunteerism helps kids fill their buckets

And by spending time in the classroom, Judge Williams filled his own bucket, too!

On November 15, Judge Charles Williams was pleased to volunteer at Gocio Elementary School for the annual Embracing Our Differences organization's Bucket Fillers Reading Day, where 8,300 students in 450 classrooms throughout Sarasota and Manatee counties went home with author Carol McCloud’s books!

Circuit Judge Charles Williams
Circuit Judge Charles Williams offers a student a book at Bucket Fillers Reading Day at Gocio Elementary.

This reading event promotes kindness though “bucket filling” in early learning centers and pre-kindergarten through third-grade classrooms.

The Bucket Fillers series uses the concept of filling an invisible bucket with displays of positive behavior and goodwill. The books show children how rewarding it is to express kindness, appreciation and love to others. With each act of kindness, offer to help, and compliment given, the children fill their bucket and begin to understand the importance of consideration.

Want to be a bucket filler during the upcoming holidays? Keep your bucket filled by remembering the “Recipe for Happiness”:

  1. FILL MORE. Use every opportunity to fill buckets.
  2. DIP LESS. Avoid speaking negatively about yourself, others.
  3. USE YOUR LID. Learn to not take anything personally.
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