In the Circuit Court of the Twelfth Judicial Circuit
in and for Manatee County, Florida

Administrative Order No.: 2022–14.2

(Rescinds and replaces 2010–7.2)

In Re:

Cost of Drug Testing
Referrals in Manatee County

A significant number of persons in Manatee County become involved in criminal behavior because of substance abuse.

Various public, non-profit or community service agencies use drug and alcohol testing to ensure its clients are not using illegal or banned substances which could lead to further criminal behavior.

The Manatee County Drug Court Lab can provide on-site testing for requesting parties in need of monitoring clients for drug and alcohol use.

Any public or non-profit community service agency can enter into a written agreement with Court Administration to request drug and alcohol testing for its clients through the Manatee County Drug Court Lab.

In March 2010, this court entered Administrative Order 2010-7.2, which established the cost of drug testing in Manatee County using the court’s Drug Court Lab, however, it has become necessary to update that order.

In 2010 the Manatee Clerk of Court established account 209095 for Court Administration to accept payment of the costs associated with the testing for agencies requiring such services. This revenue account shall continue to be utilized for payment of drug testing costs.

Pursuant to the power vested in the chief judge under article V, section 2(d) of the Florida Constitution, section 43.26, Florida Statutes, and Rule 2.214, Florida Rules of General Practice and Judicial Administration, and to improve the administration of justice within the Twelfth Judicial Circuit, it is ordered that the following costs are established for drug testing at the Manatee County Drug Court Lab:

  1. All persons court-ordered for drug testing by a Twelfth Judicial Circuit Court Judge or County Court judge shall pay $25 for each eight-panel drug test administered.
  2. All other approved public or non-profit community service agencies who have contracted for services with Court Administration shall pay $25 for each eight-panel drug test administered. Once the eight-panel test is administered, specific additional panels may be requested at the cost of $10 per panel.
  3. All Manatee County Teen Court participants shall pay $15 for each seven-panel drug test administered.
  4. Manatee County Probation Division is charged $5 for each eight-panel drug test administered for county probation and pretrial release clients. Payment for this service is through a yearly appropriation by Manatee County for this specific purpose, outside of the account established by the Clerk of Court.
  5. All fees, unless otherwise specified by statute or court order, shall be paid to the Clerk of the Circuit Court, and all revenues collected shall be placed into the fund established for this purpose.
  6. In 2010, the Manatee County Clerk of Court established account 209095 to collect the fees enumerated within this Administrative Order. Court Administration has the express authority to expend all revenues collected to pay for the costs associated with administering drug tests in the Manatee County Drug Court Lab, or for any other related Drug Court expenses. Any revenues not expended at the end of the fiscal year shall roll over into the new fiscal year and be available to be used by Court Administration.
  7. The fees and costs set forth herein shall be required of all persons requesting drug testing services from the Manatee County Drug Court Lab and who are court-ordered to submit to drug and alcohol testing on and after the effective date of this Administrative Order.
  8. This order shall take effect upon signing, and Administrative Order 2010-07.2 is hereby rescinded on that date.

Done and ordered in Sarasota County, Florida this 21st day of October, 2022.

Charles E. Roberts
Chief Judge

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