Court announces new county civil case management protocols

Judges are required by the Florida Supreme Court and the Rule of General Practice and Judicial Administration to conclude cases as soon as it is “reasonably” and “justly possible” by taking charge early and controlling a case’s progress, which includes the application of a firm continuance policy, allowing continuances only when good cause is shown.

In April of this year, the Court entered AO2021-6.1 outlining civil case management protocols for all civil cases filed after April 30, 2021; however, the protocols were modified and now apply only to circuit civil cases (see AO2021-14.1).

To address county civil cases more efficiently, effective October 11, 2021, the Court is amending its county civil case management protocols, as outlined in Administrative Orders 2021-17.1 and 2021-6b.1, dated September 27, 2021.

AO2021-17.1 requires that all county civil complaints and petitions (not including evictions or other summary proceedings) be served with a copy of the Standing Order for County Court Civil Case Management (“Attachment A” in the order) and a Case Management Report for use in General and Streamlined Civil Cases (“Attachment B” in the order).

Pursuant to AO2021-17.1, the Clerk of Court has been instructed to reject any new county civil complaint/petition, with the exceptions noted in the order, that does not contain the Standing Order and county civil case management report. Further, the order cautions that failure to comply may result in sanctions against the offending party.

Also, effective October 11, the Court amended AO2021-6b.1 to incorporate the Standing Order requirement, pursuant to AO2021-17.1.

Forms may also be downloaded from the Court Forms page. AOs can be found on our Administrative Orders page.

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