Court staff celebrate certification as public managers

For the past two years, former HR Manager and current Chief Deputy Court Administrator Tiffany Hammill, Court Guardianship Monitor Dana Yawn, and Law Librarian Bailey Smith have steadily worked to earn a public manager certificate through Florida State University's Florida Center for Public Management.

While continuing to perform their daily work responsibilities, every two months Tiffany, Dana, and Bailey would travel to Tampa to attend four-day classroom courses. Outside the classroom, they completed homework assignments by applying their newly acquired knowledge to solve real-world work problems.

Tiffany and Dana's hard work culminated in a fun and surprisingly emotional virtual graduation ceremony on Friday (we’ll celebrate again when Bailey graduates in September). The graduates thanked their managers, co-workers, and family members for supporting them on their journey. For those watching online, there was a lot of cheering, applause, and perhaps a joyful tear or two – “verklempt” comes to mind.

The emcee, Elwood, ended the event with an allegory about bumblebees and blowflies. They both wake up facing the same question: What do I want to do today, help others or help myself?

Bumblebees are all about keeping their community – the hive – nourished and functioning, collecting honey from the best flowers to feed their bumblebee neighbors. Blowflies nourish only themselves, feeding on garbage and other gross, decaying things. They are solitary creatures and have no community to serve.

People tend to see a value in bumblebees and avoid harming them. Blowflies tend to make people recoil in disgust and reach for the flyswatter to dispatch them immediately.

Like the bumblebee and the blowfly, we all have this same decision to make each morning. We can choose to nourish and enrich others to make a stronger community or we can choose to take care of only ourselves. Do you choose to be a bumblebee or a blowfly?

We’re glad Tiffany and Dana have chosen to be bumblebees as well as Certified Public Managers. Congratulations to them both on this great achievement! Their dedication to developing leadership skills will help nourish our circuit so it can grow and change for the future.

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