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Magistrate Hudson's Zoom Video Conference Access Information

Magistrate Hudson's Procedures During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Zoom Video Conference Access Information

            UPDATE:  As of June 21, 2021, the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court, Charles Canady, has removed all requirements of social distancing and mandatory face coverings as well as eliminating the requirement that most hearings be conducted remotely.  Many court events have been scheduled over the next several months, and were scheduled as “Zoom” proceedings.  To provide maximum flexibility and consistency as Manatee County, Family Division 3, transitions back to “in-person” proceedings, the following procedures will be followed:


            EVIDENTIARY MOTION HEARINGS:  Effective Monday, July 26, 2021, all hearings noticed as evidentiary hearings will be held in person.  If you have already scheduled and noticed your hearing as a Zoom proceeding, you must immediately file an Amended Notice of Hearing reflecting the location of the hearing as: Hearing Room #1, Manatee County Judicial Center.  Any requests for Zoom hearings after that date must be made, in writing, and set for hearing.


            NON-EVIDENTIARY HEARINGS:  Case Management Conferences and other non-evidentiary hearings, such as hearings directed at the pleadings and motions to compel discovery, will continue to be conducted exclusively via Zoom, in the interest of making these hearings more convenient and less costly for the parties.  Time for these hearings will be reserved on the Magistrate’s dockets and designated as “Zoom dockets,” and the parties will have the ability to reserve hearing time on those dockets on JACS at their convenience.  These “Zoom dockets” are to be utilized strictly for non-evidentiary hearings, and hearing time will be limited to fifteen (15) minutes.  Any evidentiary hearings scheduled on these Zoom dockets will be cancelled by the Magistrate’s office.  Should any party object to having a hearing conducted via Zoom following Monday, July 26, 2021, they must file a written objection in the Court file within ten (10) days, and immediately notify the opposing party and the Magistrate’s assistant of the objection.  Any objections not raised within ten (10) days will be deemed waived, and the subject hearing will proceed via Zoom.


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