For information about meeting times and participation please contact the Judicial Assistant.
Phone: (941) 861-7898
Email: Judicial Assistant

Judge Ruhl's Zoom Video Conference Access Information

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Judge Ruhl is conducting all hearings via videoconferencing using the Zoom platform. Judge Ruhl will “host” the videoconference. For each day, Judge Ruhl will have one (1) videoconference feed (8:30am – 5:30pm). All hearings will use that day’s sign-in credentials. Please understand that each day’s are different and cannot be transferred. Each session’s sign in credentials are identified below.

Please understand multiple hearings will be using the same credentials, and when you sign on you may join in the middle of another hearing. Please practice good videoconferencing habits and keep your microphone muted. If you need to move around prior to your hearing, kindly stop your video feed until your hearing is called.

The Court will allow business casual attire for Court hearings during the COVID-19 outbreak.

If you have difficulties, please contact Judge Ruhl’s Judicial Assistant, Kaitlyn Averso.

1. Requirements for the Notice of Hearing: The public’s constitutional right of access to the courts is of upmost importance. Fla. Const. art. I, § 21. The necessary information that will permit the parties and the public access to the court hearing is accessible on Judge Ruhl's Zoom Meetings page.  Additionally, the Court also requires the notice of hearing to contain language that will direct the parties and public to that site.

2. CMC, Pre-Trial Conference & Docket Sounding: It is plaintiff’s counsel (or defense counsel, if plaintiff is pro se) responsibility to file a Notice of Hearing with all Zoom hearing information separate from the Order entered by the Court.

3. The Notice of Hearing shall contain the following: zoom website, meeting id, password, audio access (for issues as indicated in paragraph 2), and alternate link from the Twelfth Judicial Circuit Court website. If any of the listed information is missing, the hearing will be cancelled by the Court without further notice to the parties as the hearing was not properly noticed.

**As of August 26, 2020, the direct Zoom link will no longer be required or published. Please utilize the "2 Ways to Access the Hearing" as shown in the Required Language section below.


Notice of Hearing for Zoom Video Conference

All parties must appear via VIDEO conference; meaning, the Court must be able to see all parties. Please log into your hearing a few minutes early to test mic and video connections. When asked for your name, please type your FIRST and LAST name so the court may identify you properly. Zoom is FREE.  Information about Zoom may be found at its website, If you are unfamiliar with the Zoom platform, please go to the ZOOM training page website at to learn how to access the platform for use.

DATE & TIME: (inset date) at (insert time)

MATTER: (insert motion)

LOCATION: Video Hearing

  1. Online: [Then enter the meeting ID & password listed below]
  2. Alternate link:
    • Meeting Id:
    • Password:
    • Audio (if the video/camera device does not have a two-way microphone)

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