Judge Boehm's Zoom Video Conference Access Information

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Judge Boehm is conducting hearings via videoconferencing using the Zoom platform or telephone conferencing. If the hearing is scheduled on Zoom, Judge Boehm will “host” the videoconference. For each day, Judge Boehm will have separate video conference sessions in the morning (9:00am-12:00pm) and afternoon (1:00pm-5:00pm). Each session’s sign in credentials are different and cannot be transferred. All hearings scheduled for a particular session will use the same meeting credentials for the morning session or the afternoon session. Each session’s sign in credentials are identified below.

Please include the videoconferencing credentials on your Notice of Hearing and make sure it is filed in the court file prior to the hearing. Any exhibits to be considered must be mailed to the Court and all parties prior to the hearing. If the exhibits are less than 5 pages, they can be emailed to the Court 48 hours before the hearing.

Please understand that when you sign in, you may join in the middle of another hearing. Please practice good videoconferencing habits and mute your microphone until your hearing is called.

Business casual attire is permitted. No video or audio recording is permitted of Zoom conferences.

If you have any difficulties, please contact Judge Boehm’s Judicial Assistant, Darlene Norris, at DNorris@jud12.flcourts.org or (941) 861-7956.

Judge Boehm: County Criminal Division B Procedures during COVID-19

Judge Boehm will accept criminal Plea in Absentia (with fingerprints done in the presence of a Notary). Here is the link to the proper form:

Download Plea in Absentia Form  

These Pleas in Absentia will be scheduled for a hearing on Zoom by the defense attorney. The defense attorney will be asked to attest to the identity of the defendant. The State Attorney’s Office shall notify then victim of the hearing and ability to participate in the hearing, if applicable, to ensure that there is not a violation of Marsy’s Law.

If the defendant is unable to procure fingerprints at this time, Judge Boehm may accept the plea and add a condition of probation to procure fingerprints for the court file within a designated timeframe. Any further determinations as to Pleas in Absentia requirements will be made on a case by case basis. Please contact Judge Boehm’s Judicial Assistant, Darlene Norris, at (941) 861-7956 for further questions.

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